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A listed Company on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
China Famous Trademark
A Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprise in China
A Top 50 Chinese Medicine Enterprise in China
A National "Wu Yi" Labour Certificate of Merit Enterprise

China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited principally engages in the development, manufacture and sales of modern Chinese medicines. It is one of the "Top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises" and "Top 50 Chinese medicine enterprises" in China. The company's shares are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. China Shineway was ranked amongst the top 10 Chinese medicine manufacturers in 2004 based on comprehensive strength.

Products of China Shineway are marketed under our principal brands: "SHINEWAY" and "WU FU". "SHINEWAY" is recognized as China Famous Trademark by the Trademark Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC, while "WU FU" is named as the Famous Trademark of Hebei Province. In 2003, China Shineway passed all the assessment of the national GMP standards. In 2004, Shineway Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. received the national GSP certificate. China Shineway was also the first traditional Chinese medicine enterprise which obtained the certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (IS0 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System(OHSAS 18001), and received a combined certificate of International Standard Management System (IMS) from the British Standard Institute (BSI).

Targeting primarily on three rapidly growing medicine markets for the middle age, elderly and children, and anti-viral diseases, China Shineway has always focused its development of modern Chinese medicine product portfolios in prescription medicines characterized by three major dose forms - injection, soft capsule and granule which have strong competitive niches. Presently, China Shineway is the largest manufacturer of Qing Kai Ling Injection, Shen Mai Injection, and Wu Fu Xin Nao Qing Soft Capsule. China Shineway also has 11 State Protected Chinese Medicines, including Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Soft Capsule and Qing Kai Ling Soft Capsule. Wu Fu Xin Nao Qing Soft Capsule and Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Soft Capsule are also recognized as Green Standard Products by CCCMHPIE.

China Shineway utilizes modern manufacturing facilities, stringent operation management, and economies of scale to produce hi-tech dose forms of injections and soft capsules of modern Chinese medicines with prominent quality. China Shineway's extraction and injection production plants are named as the "Model Project for Advanced Technology Integration and Commercialization of High-Tech Automated Production Processes for Chinese Medicine" by the National Development and Reform Committee of the State.

China Shineway put great emphasis on the quality of raw materials - the Chinese herbs. Hence, the company has established dedicated field farms as its "green headquarter" for Chinese herbs at various pollution free herb-producing regions, such as Jilin, Shandong, Hebei, and Xinjiang, etc. At the same time, China Shineway integrates its know-how with the newest technologies such as finger-print chromatogram, CO2 extracting technology, micro-grinding etc. and extensively utilizes advanced equipment and foremost methodologies in areas such as dynamic counter-current extraction, integrated production processes and fully automated packaging. China Shineway also widely adopts computerized control technologies and has strictly administered GMP standards. All of the above enable China Shineway to achieve standardization of Chinese medicine production, modernization of Chinese medicine dose forms, standardization in quality assurance protocols and automation of production process, leading to high standards of safety, efficacy, stability and controllability in Chinese medicines. All products of China Shineway possess competitive advantages of "Three Minimums" (minimal dosage required, minimal toxicity, minimal side effect), "Three Effects" (highly effective, speedy and durable efficacy) and "Five Conveniences" (in production, transportation, consumption, carrying and storage). China Shineway modernizes Chinese medicines for modern life so that good Chinese medicines are no longer bitter.

The strength in research and development is a strong foundation for the business growth of China Shineway. Staffed with senior researchers including many post-doctorates, and equipped with state-of-the-art scientific research instruments, China Shineway employs a market driven approach with primary focus in modernizing Chinese medicines by applying the foremost technology as its research strategy. With primary targets at three core markets - medicines for the middle age and elderly, children, and anti-viral diseases, China Shineway's aggressively pursue in development and clinical trial of new medicines. By cooperates with renowned research institutions, colleges and universities, research institutes, China Shineway is able to maintain a highly efficient research process. In recent years, China Shineway has commenced large scales production of a few dozen of medicines, successfully developed eight new medicines of national standards and transformed six medicines based on traditional formulas. Currently there are 23 potential new medicines currently under research and clinical trials. Accordingly, China Shineway now owns a large product portfolios and product banks reserved for future growth.

Shineway has established an extensive network of distributors and a strong sales support team covering 30 provinces and municipal cities nationwide to promote China Shineway's products to target consumers. China Shineway now markets 15 products with annual sales over RMB 10 million, including Wu Fu Xin Nao Qing Soft Capsule, Shen Mai Injection and Qing Kai Ling Injection, each of which has annual sales over RMB 150 million.

Shineway has received hundreds of honors and awards including "The National Wu Yi Labor Certificate of Merit Enterprise" and "The National Advanced TCM Enterprise", etc. The Chairman and President of China Shineway, Mr. Li Zhenjiang, was named as "Outstanding Entrepreneur in the PRC Pharmaceutical Industry", and received "National Wu Yi Labour Award". Mr Li is entitled to enjoy special subsidies of the State Council and is elected as a representative of the 10th National People's Congress in 2003.

In the next five years period, China Shineway will continue its primary focus in the development, production and marketing of modern Chinese medicines and further enhances our brand. We will continue to put great emphasis on market-driven R&D, cost efficient and high quality manufacturing, strong point of sales support, and stringent management, as our core competence. We strive to enhance our premier brand name of Chinese medicines and becoming the most prominent modern Chinese medicine enterprise. It is our mission in leading modern Chinese medicine and promoting health industry.

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