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Shenmai Injection


To benefit qi and stop collapse syndrome, to nourish yin and promote the production of body fluid, and to improve pulse condition. Used for treatment of shock caused by weak qi and yin, coronary heart disease, viral cardiac muscle inflammation, chronic pulmonary heart disease and agranulocytosis.

Main Materials

Gadix ginseng, Radix ophiopogonis.



License No GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020888(10ml);
GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020886(20ml);
GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020887(50ml)
  1. Not suitable for people of yin excess and yang insufficiency.
  2. Dosage is too much or not being taken properly, symptoms of faster heartbeat or swoon may be caused.
  3. Not better mix this product with other medicines for use in the same container.
  4. This product is pure Chinese medicinal preparation, quality of it may be affected by incorrect storage. Forbid to use when turbidity, deposition, color-changed or air leak being found.
Usage & Dosage

Intramuscular injection, 2-4ml each time and once daily;
Intravenous infusion, diluted with 250-500ml 5% glucose injection, 10-60ml each time or directed by physicians.

Storage Sealed and avoid from sunlight. Put in a cool place.
Quality Guarantee 3 years
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