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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medical theory dates back thousands of years. Traditional Chinese pathology categorises ailments and diseases based on the dualistic philosophy of Yin and Yang, female and male principles the balance of which is believed to determine health. A key assumption in traditional Chinese medicine is that disease is due to an internal imbalance of the Yin and the Yang, such that the flow of vital energy within the body is disrupted and the body weakened. Therefore, according to traditional Chinese medical theory, treatment of diseases focuses on correcting the Yin-Yang imbalance to return the body to health. Many of the diseases classified under Chinese medicinal theories are without equivalents in the western scientific medical system.

Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy therefore can be distinguished from western medicine philosophy, which tends to approach disease based on the assumption that disease is due to an external force, such as a virus or bacteria. While western medicinal theory targets that external force, using medicines based on, among others, chemical formulae to treat the infecting virus or bacteria, Chinese medicine theory believes that the body has the potential to cure its own diseases if pushed in the correct way. Chinese medicines are often perceived in the PRC as having lower levels of side effects than western medicines.

Chinese medicines are prepared from raw materials which include plants, animals and minerals, the majority being derived from herbal sources. Traditionally, Chinese medicines required lengthy preparation by the user by boiling and simmering the relevant raw materials according to ancient recipes, the medicine then being orally consumed in the form of a medicinal 'soup' or 'tea', medicine 'dan' or pellets. These factors highlight the key disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicines. Firstly, the use of raw plant, animal and mineral materials in their preparation makes it hard to control the quality of traditional Chinese medicines, with the concentration and quality of the particular active medicinal ingredient in the resulting medicine being difficult to standardise in a given dose. Secondly, the lengthy preparation period and large quantity of traditional Chinese medicine required to be consumed in any one dose render traditional Chinese medicines inconvenient when compared to the readily consumable pill, capsule and injection forms of western medicines.

Modern Chinese Medicines
In order to address some of the perceived disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicines described above, modern Chinese medicines combine the ancient theories and herbal, animal and mineral raw materials of traditional Chinese medicines with modern production techniques and intake methods. Advanced research and production techniques have allowed the identification and extraction of the specific curative ingredients from the herbal, animal and mineral raw materials facilitating concentrated delivery of the effective elements of the medicines in standardised dosages, increasing their effectiveness and convenience. Modern Chinese medicines may be produced in forms similar to western medicines including tablets, oral liquids, hard capsules, granules, soft capsules and injection for immediate therapeutic use.

Modern Manufacturing
Shineway promotes the progress of technology continuously, with the new technology and new equipment, it has a research of the newest technologies, such as fingerprint and supercritical co2 extration. Shineway fully introduces advanced technics and equipment, use the computer-control technology widely and really carries out the standardization and modernization of Chinese medicines. All of these improve the standard of medicines and make the product more safe, more effective, more stable and more controllable.

While carrying out the automatic control in the first procedure, Shineway introduces automatic production lines from Germany in the following procedure, which include package production line of granules, package production of soft capsules, etc. With the modern technology and equipment, we realized the industrialization and modernization in the manufacturing of Chinese medicines. Now, Shineway has developed into the largest and highest technology-level production base in China which manufactures TCM soft capsules, injection and granules.

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