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Our Business Growth Strategies
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Growth Strategies

The Group shall consistently implement the following growth strategies, together with our strong management team and our enormous manufacturing capacity to attain higher growth and return:

Marketing Strategy

  • Study health care system reform policy, cope with market changes, strengthen three terminals - hospital, drug store and grass-root medical institution, improve terminal coverage and enhance the productivity of the target terminals.
  • Integrated commercial channel platforms, sufficiently take advantage of the channel, optimize customer structure and strengthen customer management by objectives.
  • Seize opportunities of the fundamental pharmaceuticals market, make intensive cultivation for grass-root medical terminals and promote the coverage and sales volume of the fundamental pharmaceutical products.
  • Make innovative breakthrough in the high-end hospitals market, implement refined management, intensify the promotion of new products and raise the hospitals terminal market share.
  • Build OTC professional sale teams in major cities, develop over ten thousands drug stores, strengthen strategic cooperation with retails in major cities, enhance price management and improve the sales volume of terminals.
  • Focus on over one thousand districts and counties, achieve to cover over ten thousands health centers (communities), drug stores and over one thousand county hospitals and raise terminals coverage.
  • Strengthen brand construction, integrate media resources, intensify stereo promotion of the online advertisements and implementation of the offline academic and terminal educational activities, comprehensively improve the use efficiency of advertisement resources, and raise the public awareness of our product band and resource utilization.
  • Reinforce academic marketing, complete the academic promotion system of full products with academic marketing oriented, and dig the core value of products to improve the strength of our product.

Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

Construct new workshops and make modifications of the existing workshops, expand Chinese medicine extraction capacity of injections and granules. Our new injection workshop has gained its new GMP certification and commenced production. Our new extraction workshop has completed its system testing stage. Our extraction capacity will increase from currently 10,000 tons to 20,000 tons in 2014.

Product Strategies

  • Further increase sales contribution and achieve steady growth in core products (namely Qing Kai Ling Injection, Shen Mai Injection, Shu Xie Ning Injection, Wu Fu Xin Nao Qing Soft Capsule, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Soft Capsule and Pediatric Qing Fei Hua Tan Granule).
  • Continue to nurture emerging products (such as Huang Qi Injection, Qing Kai Ling Soft Capsule, Huamoyan Granule, Shujin Tongluo Granule and Jiangzhi Tongluo Soft Capsule) and promote their sales volume.
  • Strengthen the development of new products on the market, focusing on cultivating exclusive new products, increase efforts to promote and enhance the proportion of sales of new products.
  • Focus on grassroots, retail and hospital major terminal markets. To deploy product portfolio strategy and implementation of the product development plan.

Merger, Acquisition and Investment Strategies

  • Leverage on the favorable opportunity that the extensive reform in pharmaceutical market and the implementation of new version of GMP speed up the upgrading of the transformation, in virtue of the resource advantage of the Group's brand, sales network and management experiences, rapidly offset the inadequacies in the Group's existing products and production capacity, and integrate the market resources, so as to drive the rapid development of the Group.
  • Strengthen and diversify the Chinese medicine product line of the Group, actively seek and merge those Chinese medicine products with market potential, and build series of product groups of tumour medicines, cardiovascular medicines, diabetes medicines, anti-viral medicines and gynecological drugs, etc.
  • Seek good strains, diversify chemical drug product chains, realise the development and production of the chemical drug, and gradually expand its sales scale, with expectation of effectively supplement the sales business of our Chinese medicine.
  • Extend new areas for prescriptive Chinese medicine granules, we have completed the research work on the preparing technology and quality standard required by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 400 kinds of prescriptive Chinese medicine granules which are also eligible to be used clinically by medical units above the county level in Hebei Province, and will be a new growth point of our business.